Herman Siu has the ability to read everything about
you, and provide the exact solutions, so you can thrive
in every facet of your life.


Herman’s gifted ability to read you over a Skype call has opened up the doors for everyone on a global level to receive a prestigious level of guidance. The readings that Herman provides are unique and special for each individual and the purpose of providing them is that you can know your true self. Once you know your true self, Herman can give you the KEY to overcoming any obstacle in your way so you can be free - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Since these sessions are personally tailored for you... you're welcome to ask any questions and bring up any topic you'd like. Nothing is off limits.

Herman has helped countless people in business, health, relationships, career, personal blockages, and spirituality.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship that goes way beyond the surface. Herman goes straight to the core.



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This is so worth it. You supported me to transform from darkness into light. I am in appreciation and so happy for you and all the great people you are supporting.
— Dennis T

Kelly R.

Just got off my one on one Skype with Herman and I had to share a brief message to anyone who is on the fence about attending any of the events, or scheduling a Skype call.

Everything Herman touched on during the call was right on the Bulls eye of the target. He was able to help me clear up a lot of my past I had swept under the rug. Just that alone leaves me feeling ten pounds lighter. He was able to point out the things that are holding me back and present me with a list of steps in order to create that solution I have been searching for most of my life.

Thank you Herman for your time. I truly appreciate everything!

Bo S.

Hello family!
This morning I had my skype call with Herman and I am beyond thankful. Learned all about the right foods to eat and the right water to drink as well as how to prepare meals with no hassle!

On top of this, on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level my paradigms were completely shattered, I was broken all the way down and rebuilt myself on a solid foundation of values. I have never had more clarity in my entire life. I am becoming the one. Friends, their is success in vulnerability.

If you are unsure/frightened by the thought of doing a 1-on-1 with Herman, I am here to tell you that you have nothing to fear. You have an opportunity that no one else has - that actually can and will make you fearless.

Face the truth and LOVE YOURSELF

Kjersti K.

It was very good. I got some thoughts I’ve had validated, and he made me aware of several aspects in my life I can work on. It’s quite amazing how he could tell me about some of my challenges without me saying anything! :)


He certainly has a wonderful gift!, and kind spirit. I’m pleased with how the call went, very happy that I chose to opt for the hour timeframe and feeling like the new immediate goals are attainable for certain. He did at some points REALLY know what I hadn’t revealed after we discussed breathing and diet part. Impressive,

kathy d.

It was exactly what I was looking for, and his insights are all that I needed to hear. I expected that he would know stuff that no one would know. He called them out, and he was able to call out intimate details of my issues. I felt happy after the call, and I am ready to apply all that he asked me to do right away. I am looking forward to seeing him here in Los Angeles.

Mitja S.

Before call I was nervous like am waiting for the dentist and don’t know whether it will hurt or not.


It was amazing! He impressed me so much… we never see each other in my life and he knows everything!

He is like Wikipedia.

Kelly m.


The call was amazing! Herman had a lot of useful information for me, he instantly went through a list of my health ailments and food suggestions for them- all of the health ailments were true!  Most of the foods he suggested I cut out I consume a lot of, which made me chuckle at the accuracy. 

And on the spiritual side, it blew my mind. He told me things I could absolutely relate to and have never told ANYONE about. 

Fabian K.

It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be on a one-on-one with him I learned a lot and I am doing my best to practice the disciplines.

Mike G.

The call was great, I got a key insight and the new awareness it brought makes me more optimistic going forward.

Kevin M.

It was exactly what I needed. A lot of what he said was definitely a personal experience. It got emotional for me as things began to click and make sense. The advice he gave me is all tailored to me and I'm very thankful.


The call with Herman was great! I feel I gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Many things clicked for me during that call, which I am most grateful for. I look forward to the next call with him.