When you are young, you are strong and stupid.
Not until you become wise, you will understand
what young and strong means.

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In 495 AD, Shaolin temple was built in the Song mountain, Henan province.

The name refers to the forests of Shaoshi (少室; Shǎo Shì) mountain, one of the seven peaks of the Song mountains.

During the short period of the Siu dynasty (581–618), the building blocks of Shaolin kung fu took an official form.

Around 600, Emperor Wendi of the new Siu Dynasty, awarded Shaolin a 1,400-acre estate plus the right to grind grain with a water mill.

During that time, the Siu reunified China and lasted 37 years.

Shaolin monks had developed very powerful skills, and this showed itself until the end of the Siu dynasty.

Now, Herman has trained and upheld these ancient mental, physical and spiritual practices; and is bringing it to the world!