Live by the simple code of always
leaving people better than you found them.
— Herman Siu


You are a true inspiration sir, I’ve followed all of your videos on YouTube and you honestly have helped me keep my head above water. Thank you for all of your love and compassion for everyone and everything.

Great speaker of truth and nature!

dennis T.

Herman is full of love. Sending him my deepest respect and love! We all are blessed to be surrounded by such light. Since I joined his community my life is filled with so much more ease, peace and love. He remembers us to who we really are. Everything gets so clear! This is so big that I just realized how big! Pure appreciation!


Herman have helped me over the past months to not only heal mind, body and spirit, but to see how the simplest changes and focusing on putting my energy towards helping others and the things that serve me vs. all the things I was doing that dont, can really change your life. He has shared his wisdom, which resonates to the core because it's so honest, simple, and focused on love energy. For the first time I feel I'm working towards a purpose, connected with my true spirit, and surrounding myself with others who are on a similar journey to make the world a better place. Good energy and support all around! I highly recommend if you want to see positive change.

Michael S.

My children and I love his messages and teachings.


Herman has helped me embrace the awareness I had in denial of. With his support I am total transition. Could not be more grateful than I am today!


Herman is a humble, unassuming soul with a nuclear power of love, knowledge and and kindness toward his neighbor. Together with his wife they have blessed me like only few people in the past. Thank you very much!


The best thing around… very interesting & useful.


Your intention to reach our shores with your wisdom and help us to be better humans is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for doing that. It is a strong message about you and your desire to help our planet. Thank you so much. You have to know that I am sharing the messages you send me with others. 

Hung N.

I like how Herman makes space for everybody to voice themselves, he has a character that is hard to find.

Mary P.

I recommend Herman Siu, because he thinks with his heart and takes action. He really cares about humanity and the Earth.