What to Do When Life Is Unfair

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| The Human Blueprint Ep. 028

Every successful person will agree that one of the first steps to getting better results is to accept responsibility in their life.

To own up to their results, both good and bad.

But many people in today's world are not able to do that. Instead, they go into what we call victim mode.

The victim mentality is a dangerous one because if you operate from that perspective, you will never achieve any form of greatness in life.

Are you playing the victim mode? Even if it's the slightest little bit?

Tune into this episode to find out. On this episode we cover:
• Stories of what being the victim looks like
• How the victim mode has a detrimental impact on you
• Why it's important to play the cards you are dealt
• The energy and frequency that words operate on
• The long game vs short game
• Tips to overcome the victim mentality