How Your Dreams Can Provide Clarity In Life


| The Human Blueprint Ep. 030

Dreams can oftentimes reveal many signs and give us clear signals, but how can we trust that we are interpreting them correctly?

This episode we took a dive deep into Angelo's dreams to help him understand the deeper message and then use that clarity to formulate an action plan.

Many people are also faced with the similar circumstances that we discuss such as going all in on their life's purpose, leaving the comfort zone, dealing with feelings, refusing to be influenced by outside distractions, and more.

This episode is a MUST see if you want to see how simple clarity can really be.

On this episode we cover:
• We must deal with our feelings, not suppress them
• Creating a connection between our dreams and current internal challenges
• How to get rid of internal conflicts
• Leaving the comfort zone to pursue greater things
• How to make a jump in your life and what that means