Maximize Your Sleep With an Evening Routine


Maximize Your Sleep With an Evening Routine

| The Human Blueprint Ep. 015

Sleep better, perform better, and be better as a result of instilling a proper evening and night routine.

In this episode, we lay down the foundation and basics for a set of healthy practices of what to do and more importantly, what not to do, before going to sleep.

Just as a morning routine sets the standard for a productive day, an evening routine allows one to achieve a deeper level of rest so that our body can actually heal itself.

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On this episode we cover:
• Why ridding your clutter is the 1st place to start
• Open cycles - what they are and how they impact us
• What NOT to do in your bed
• The ultimate routine before you sleep
• Guidelines on what NOT to have in your bedroom
• What to do to avoid leakages of our time, energy, and focus
• Reserving your energy for a greater purpose