Herman Exposed Our Hidden Desires! Mind Blown!



M I N D B L O W N !

| The Human Blueprint Ep. 020

What do you truly, deeply, and subconsciously want in life?

Many people do not have an answer when we ask them this question and most of the answers that we do receive are only surface level.

Would it surprise you to know that most of the answers that you seek in life are sitting right in front of your face?

In this episode of The Human Blueprint, we're taking you with us as we go through a personal exercise that's meant to extract the true wants right from our subconscious mind.

On this episode we cover:
• The subconscious mind and how it stores our truths
• Why certain parts of the world have similar diseases
• How to develop consciousness the right way
• Where freedom comes from and how to attain it
• How to be empty
• Life is a process and journey - we must embrace that