Why Do Relationships Fail?



| The Human Blueprint Ep. 024

Did you know that about 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States? Why is it so common in today's world that relationships fail, crash, and end unhappily?

That's the exact question that we address in this episode of The Human Blueprint. Here's a hint...
It has more to do with the individual than the relationship itself.

Most people do not know who they are and they are not comfortable in their own skin, and this can be especially dangerous when we're in a relationship with others.

Let's dive into this episode as we share more in-depth as to why relationships don't work and what you can do with this insight to make your relationship better.

On this episode we cover
• Why most relationships fail
• How you can find comfort in your skin
• Cardinal rules of a relationship
• What questions you should be asking yourself when seeking a relationship
• How important your tone and intention is when communicating