The Key to Building Self-Esteem

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| The Human Blueprint Ep. 010

Self-esteem impacts every area of your life - all the way from your career and business to your relationships and fulfillment.

Join us for a conversation that's as real and authentic as it gets where we talk about self-esteem, share our personal experiences, and talk about the key components for building self-esteem and belief in oneself.

We covered many great topics in this conversation including fulfillment, humility, communication, and more.

On this episode we cover:
• Self-esteem - have you ever suffered from low self-esteem?
• Where does a lack of self-esteem come from?
• Happiness vs fulfillment
• A checklist for humility
• How emotions affect your self-esteem
• What crisis mode is and why it's so important
• How to deliver messages and communicate more effectively
• Learning how to understand people
• The first steps to living through your soul
• Building unwavering belief in yourself