Spirituality Meets Business: The Ultimate Fulfillment

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The Ultimate Fulfillment

| The Human Blueprint Ep. 011

There's something so special and unique when you have the opportunity to listen to someone else's life story.

It's these stories and connections that hold invaluable wisdom and lessons.

Meet Brian Ross. Brian has been in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. From being a young entrepreneur, to taking a spiritual leap within, Brian is full of great stories and life-learned wisdom.

On Episode 11 of The Human Blueprint, we are humbled to have Brian as our guest.

On this episode we cover:
• Taking an introspective look within yourself
• Brian's life story and lessons along the way
• Setting up your business the way you want to live
• How to go from scarcity to abundance
• How to differentiate your ego from your true self
• Does the ego ever go away?
• Using your heart in sales
• How the greatest leaders run their business