The Benefits of Open Dialogue in Parenting

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The Benefits of Open Dialogue in Parenting

| The Human Blueprint Ep. 011

Everyone on planet Earth today has a few things in common... one of those things is that we all have parents.

Our parents gave us the gift of life.

And although not everyone is a parent, there is something to be learned here as we dissect the dialogue between parents and children.

We have the honor of Jeanette and Mathea joining us in this episode as we answer questions and get a great look at a parent's perspective as well as a teenager's perspective.

Our talk goes beyond the topic of parenthood as we tap into topics such as culture, beliefs, intuition, instinct, communication, and more. Enjoy!

On this episode we cover:
• The limitations that culture imposes on us
• How to express your beliefs to your friends and family the right way
• Finding the right type of people to surround yourself with
• How to know you're at peace
• The security system vs pleasure system
• How to have proper and open dialogue